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Heat wave impacts student learning

Jack Warner, '20, Staff Reporter

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Saint Patrick students dealt with some of the hottest temperatures in a while during the first month of school.  Students were sweating and having a hard time focusing.

Teachers also had to change their lesson plans to be productive and also get work done.

Teachers that were not lucky enough to have air conditioning had trouble staying comfortable, but some moved classes to the library.  Ms. Esola was able to organize several additional classes and a study hall at one time in the library.

Mrs. Pavlovic, French teacher, said, “I had to change my lesson plans so I can respect the other classes in the library.” She also recommended it might be time to consider changing the policy for student uniforms at the start and end of the year.

Mrs. Pavlovic is not the only teacher saying this.  Mrs. McBride, Spanish teacher, says,  I have to spend time in the library so my class and I can be comfortable.”

Students in Mrs. Pavlovic class also agree. Diego Diaz, ,’20, a student of Mrs. Pavlovic, said, “I struggled to get my work done in the hot classrooms.”

Anthony Greco, ’19,  said, “We need to either get air conditioning or have the school change its policy on what we are allowed to wear.”

Myles McNichols, ’18, commented, “We should be able to wear shorts in the first month of school because I was able to focus more and work harder.”


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Heat wave impacts student learning