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Spanish Club supports Puerto Rico

Anthony Pasquale, '18, Editor

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Puerto Rico was hit by a disastrous hurricane earlier this month, and some students and families were directly affected by this disaster.

One student who has been directly affected is Elias Hernandez. His grandmother, among other relatives, live in Puerto Rico, and his parents have had to sacrifice a lot of time and money in order to help her recover.

Ms. McBride, Spanish teacher and moderator of the Spanish Club, began raising money for the people devastated by the horrible storm. Her motivation behind the fundraising effort was to help those who had been devastated, especially since this hurricane correlates so specifically to so many students at Saint Patrick.

Although she had not known anyone specifically, she stated that in a few of her classes her students waited days to hear from family members living in Puerto Rico.

Ms. McBride and the Spanish Club members said that they would be “Happy with whatever they raised.” Since this is their first attempt at fundraising they decided not to set a bar to reach.

They’re raising money by collecting money from each grade in the form of a competition called Quarter Wars. Utilizing the competitive nature of Saint Patrick students for the benefit of Puerto Rico.

Once the Quarter War collection is over, the Spanish Club plans on selling tasty treats around Halloween to pad the donations. Ultimately, they plan on donating the money raised to a foundation made specifically for Puerto Rico’s relief efforts.



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Spanish Club supports Puerto Rico