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‘Riverdale’ takes Netflix by storm

Will D'Andrea, '18, Staff Reporter

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Netflix’s new series “Riverdale” premiered its second season last week.

The first season begins with a boy named Archie Andrews, a star football player.

He has a girl best friend, named Betty Cooper. Betty is interested in being more than just friends with Archie, but these feelings are not mutual.

As the season goes along, a group of men called the South Side Serpents begins  to cause mischief throughout the town, and tensions are high.

The main character’s father got caught up in a serious issue, in which rumors were hovering around that he was spending too much time with the wife of Herman Lodge, a known mobster.

The season ended with Mr. Andrews being shot, and confusion is lurking with suspicion on the rise.

The second season began last week, and many viewers are intrigued.

“I have no idea what is going to happen, and I love it,” said Alonzo Torres, ’18.

“I think Herman Lodge has to be involved in the shooting, but you really don’t know,” said Anthony Cosentino, ’18.

“I am nervous, yet excited, not sure how to feel,” said Gio Taormina, ’18.

The new season is off to a hot start already with ratings through the roof. With the recent incline in viewers the show jumped from 13 episodes to 22.

Riverdale season 2 includes more drama, new cast members, and a serious interest in what happened to Mr. Andrews.

Join in on the hunt for the shooter.

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‘Riverdale’ takes Netflix by storm