Bears takes the league by storm

Will D'Andrea, '18, Staff Reporter

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The Chicago Bears have a record of 3-5, but that record is not indicative of their play thus far.

They have played some of the best teams in the NFL, and have put up good contests in all eight games.

Although Jordan Howard and Mitchell Trubisky have played well, it is the Bears’ defense that has earned recognition.

The Bears have given up only two touchdowns in the last 13 quarters.

The defense is young, and so is the offense. The Bears are exceeding all expectations in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year.

The worse part about the Bears season has been the amount of injuries that have depleted their team.

The Bears currently have nine players on injured reserve. They will have one more player added to that long list due to the gruesome injury sustained by Zach Miller.

Last month, Zach Miller jumped up for a ball in the end zone and when he landed he dislocated his knee.

A dislocated knee is serious as it is, but it was revealed doctors were working to save his leg.

Zach Miller needed emergency vascualr surgery to repair an artery in his left leg.

After long surgery, it was announced the surgery was a success. Although we do not know if he will ever play as a Bear again, it is important to note he has entered the recovery stage.

Keep your eyes open for a posisble NFC



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