Senior service requirements include project

Kyle Reid, '18, Staff Reporter

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The service project was was introduced this year to seniors as a practice of the new social justice class.  They must create and plan a project around a community in need under the seven themes of Catholic social teaching.

According to Mr. Ellis, service coordinator, the project will be worth 20% of the class grade and is a graduation requirement. The seniors spend each Thursday planning their group projects according to an outline of requirements that are due each week.

Mr. Ellis said, “The hope of the projects is that by putting their faith into action our seniors become examples of school-leaders to our underclassmen and our community, bringing our community closer together by serving alongside each other, and graduating St. Patrick’s with an understanding that service is a life-long commitment.”

From now through May 1, there will be about 70 service projects that all of the Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors have the opportunity to participate in to meet their service hour requirement.

Senior projects will be advertised around school with posted flyers as well as sent to student emails.

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