New Marvel trailer hits 80 million views

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New Marvel trailer hits 80 million views

Diego Caceres, ‘20, Staff Reporter

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Marvel, a  $50-million-dollar-superhero comic book and movie franchise, broke news that its most recent production, “Infinity War”, will be dropped into theaters  May 4 with a promotional trailer posted on YouTube.  Since Nov. 29, the trailer has reached over 80 million views.

This is a big deal for fans of the superhero universe. As revealed in the ending of the trailer, Marvel has decided to combine two separate character plots that have never met — the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Despite Marvel’s low net worth of $50 million, its movies typically bring in more than 10 times as much money it costs to produce said movie, according to “Deadpool”, for example, released in 2016, cost roughly $58 million to create, while they brought in almost $745 million in box office sales, as reported on

It is expected that “Infinity War” will draw in hundreds of thousands of fans globally on their opening weekend. How much they will make is unknown, but there will be a definite mass income, potentially blowing “Deadpool” out of the water.

Theories are rising out of the recently released trailer based off the past films and comic books. Many theories could result changing the storyline forever until Marvel gets tired and stops pumping out films. As guessed, that cannot be anytime soon judged by their dedicated fans and large annual income.

When the movie drops, thousands of tickets will be sold and another piece of the Marvel universe can be added to the puzzle. For the people who know very little, or maybe nothing, about the Marvel universe should definitely check it out. Maybe even make some friends within the community, for it is constantly growing.

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