Shambots compete, have fun

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Shambots compete, have fun

Kyle Reid, '18, Staff Reporter

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Saint Patrick’s Robotics club is a team sport lead by adviser Ms. Bowns.

The robotics club consists of two teams Green and Gold.

Gold is led by Kevin Ludwig, ’18, and Joe Mirabelli, ’18.  Green is led by Shawn Arreguin, ’18, Ed Placencia, ’18 and Matias Nicosia, ’18.

Both teams are given a FIRST build kit and are expected to have a functional robot by their first competition.

The game played by Shambot green and gold this year is relic recovery. The goal in relic recovery is to stack glifs in columns or rows and score relics.

Ms. Bowns recommends this class and club to everyone no matter your experience.

Ms. Bowns said, “Most kids are afraid to join because they think they are not smart enough, but it’s all about the learning experience. Robotics also has many scholarship opportunities and looks good on college applications.”

So far, the team has competed in two events this year and have more to come. In the most recent event at St. Francis Parker, Gold finished 2-2-1, while green finished 4-1.

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