Chess team leaves for state finals Thursday

Nick Amati, '18, Editor

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Shamrocks are going to state, again. The chess team, led by math teacher Mr. Purathur, will be the third team to go down state this year.

Mr. Purathur, although satisfied with the teams’ 4-3 conference record, is not getting too cocky in winning State. “A lot of our strongest players were seniors last year.” he said. “Last season we had a stacked lineup, and with those guys gone, this year is more of a rebuild”.

Just because the faces aren’t familiar, it doesn’t mean the turn out of their season won’t be.  Mr. P praises not only his older players, such as Alberto Soto, ‘18, and Kevin Zhao, ‘18, but also his freshmen on the team as well.

Mr. Purathur knows that it’ll take take time to become state champions, and that all that the team can do is “Trust the process”. He said to also trust New England in the Super Bowl, hoping that the Patriots would beat the Eagles, 21-17.

While he wasn’t right on the game, maybe he will be for chess.

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