Stephen Hawking lived for physics and cosmology

Matthew Pomykala, '18, Staff Reporter

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Stephen Hawking, renowned physicist and cosmologist was born January 8,1942.  Hawking was born into a poor but well-educated family,with both parents having gone to Oxford University. His father was a medical researcher and his mother was a medical researcher’s secretary.  His father studied medicine while his mother studied philosophy,politics, and economics .

During his childhood, Hawking was not initially successful with school, although, overtime, he showed great aptitude for science.

Inspired by this, he strove to learn mathematics, despite his father’s warning that there isn’t a lot of jobs for mathematicians.  He recommended that his son go to Oxford. Hawking considered this but knew he wanted to study mathematics, and Oxford did not offer that at the time.

Compromising, Hawking chose to go to Oxford,but with the intended major in physics .  Initially, he did not have a great time due to the work being too easy, and just his overall adjustment to college took longer than most. After the initial adjustment, Hawking was known to have a daredevil streak, referred to as witty and a very sociable person.


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