“Lil’ Boat 2” sinks

Finn Elsmo, '18, Editor

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Acclaimed Atlanta-born rapper Miles Parks McCollum (known to his fans as “Lil Yachty”) dropped the sequel to the widely beloved album “Lil Boat” last month. The 20 year old has gained a lot of fame over the past year. The spotlight found him when he released the Track “1Night” in late 2016. He now has over 5 million followers on Instagram and reels in 12 and a half million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Now with all of the hype, did the much anticipated “Lil Boat 2” make it to shore?

The 17-song album was incredibly underwhelming. With that said, there are three songs off the album that I really enjoyed.

Those songs are:
“BOOM” Featuring Ugly God. This song is wildly catchy and will be played at high school parties all over the country for the next few months. Royce Davidson (AKA Ugly God) really brings a lot to this song. I have never been a very big fan of his, but he surprised me in this song.

“GET MONEY BROS.” featuring Tee Grizzly. This song is saved by Tee Grizzly and the hook. The find myself humming the chorus to this song far more often than I imagined I would. This song is far from perfect, but its one of the highlights of this album.

“66” featuring Trippie Redd. To be fair, I was a Trippie Redd fan prior to hearing this song, and it was the song on the album I was looking forward to listening to the most. This is the album closer, and for good reason. It almost makes up for the 14 pieces of garbage you had just listened to. All jokes aside, I genuinely love this song and have been listening to it ever since I heard it.

Unfortunately. all of the other songs on “Lil Boat 2” fall completely flat and lack any sense of originality. Almost all of these songs sound the same. Another part of this album that really bugs me, are Yachty’s lyrics. Some of them make absolutely no sense.

I highly recommend you listen to those three songs. Aside from that, be sure you steer clear of this ship-wreck.

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