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Shamrocks ‘squad up’ for Fortnite

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Shamrocks ‘squad up’ for Fortnite

Nick Amati, '18, Editor

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Brotherhood Week may have ended, but Shamrocks are going to be bonding for as long they play the hottest new game, Fortnite.

Fortnite has taken the world by storm recently, and there is no sign of it clearing up anytime soon. What started out as a console game with no clear goal in what it wanted to be in 2011 has now become a cultural behemoth that attracts millions of players a month.

Fortnite is a game in which 100 players are tossed into a “Battle Royale”, a survival-of-the-fittest death match. As the game duration goes on, a storm around the island closes in on the players, forcing them to move the battle to closer quarters, which immediately intensifies the match.

The competitiveness and intensity of Fortnite is the likeliest reason as to why it has dominated more than the world of gaming. This would also explain why Shamrocks are addicted to this game, especially since it is now on mobile devices.

Fortnite has become an integral part of the daily life of a Shamrock, but to better understand how much of a part it has become, data must be collected. Ten seniors were asked about their time with Fortnite and the effect it has on their lives. The first question asked was “How many hours do you play a night?”, and the responses were varied. a third of the seniors said they play for no more than an hour a night, another third said they play for up to two hours, while the last seniors split their time between two and four hours a night.

Distraction is always the first thing associated with video games, especially when that game is available in the classroom. On a five point scale, 1 being “not distracted” and five being “very distracted”, half of the seniors rated Fortnite as a five. For most students, it would appear that this game is cutting into their lives when they should be doing homework or chores, even if they only play for an hour or two a night. The remaining five seniors claimed that Fortnite was barely a distraction, with two of them ranking it a one, while the other three seniors met in the middle and gave it a three. The seniors were then asked if they have ever played Fortnite in the classroom, and the answer was split with half saying they have and half saying they haven’t.

Fortnite is alluring to players because it allows them to choose how they play, whether it be rogue in “Solo”, partner up in “Duos”, or create a four man group in “Squads”. When asked about their preference in game mode, squads was the apparent choice with six responses, four for solo, and it would seem that only two like to tango because duo only made up 20% of the vote.

Another reason why Fortnite has taken over pop culture is the fact that it can be played anywhere. Previously, the game could only be played at home on gaming consoles, such as the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and on a PC. Recently, however, the game was made available on mobile devices, which gives Shamrocks another reason to take out their phone in class.

The final question asked in the survey was “What console do you play Fortnite on?” Half of the seniors said they prefer to play on the Xbox, with a third making up Playstation, a quarter going to PC, and only 15% of seniors saying that the mobile version is their preferred method of playing Fortnite.

As most fads are in pop culture, they come and go. One second everyone is playing Clash Royale, and the next they’re on Fortnite.

The question without an answer is “When do we stop playing Fortnite?” 


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Shamrocks ‘squad up’ for Fortnite