Mr. Gregory went from student to teacher

Joshua Baumstark, '20, Staff Reporter

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Mr. Gregory, is a first year teacher here at Saint Patrick.  To get an update on how his year is going and why he chose to teach here, I caught up with him and asked him some questions.

Why teach at St. Pats?    

Mr. Gregory went to high school here at Saint Patrick. This is one of the reasons Mr. Gregory wanted to teach here. “I graduated from here, and they gave to me, so I wanted to give back.” said Mr. Gregory. Another contributing factor is that he knew Saint Patrick had a great English program.

What interested you to become a teacher?

Mr. Gregory looked at options going into college. “Teaching called to me,” said Mr. Gregory. Mr. Gregory also wanted to have more of an impact than just as desk job. Teacher also had an impact on him and spark his inspiration to become a teacher.

What have been some of your biggest struggles this year? Why?
Addressing the school as a teacher, trying to develop students and adjusting. Are all examples of struggles Mr. Gregory deals with. Time Management is the biggest struggle for Mr. Groegory. It was hard at the beginning, and now there is “more of a flow”.  Another hard struggle is having to prepare students for the real world. “Tough to find the fine line of when it’s okay to be a kid and when it’s time to grow up,” Mr. Gregory said.

Mr. Gregory says his first year is going really well, and he is finding himself as a teacher more. Mr. Gregory is very much looking forward to next year.

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