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Students encouraged to make ornaments with 3-D printer

JAmes Leane, '18, Staff Reporter

November 22, 2016

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With two 3-D printers at the fingertips of students, many take advantage of the opportunity to make a Christmas ornament. Ms. Esola said, "Although this is not a club, students find themselves organizing and finding time to...

Sci-fi/Anime Club offers gaming, comics

Xavier Kranicke, '18, Staff Reporter

November 8, 2016

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Are you  interested in anime and manga? Do you also have an interest in video games, movies and comics? Well, you're in luck my friend the Sci-fi/Anime Club is the perfect club for you. In the anime portion of the club, members...

Coding club is now a class

Richie Hernandez, '18, Staff Reporter

November 3, 2016

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Coding club is being taught as a class this year by Mr. Fleming. The goal of the club was to draw interest in coding to eventually start a class. This year the class is only one level, but next year there will be two different...

Art classes visit garden, galleries

Michael O'Malley, '17, Staff Reporter

October 25, 2016

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Mrs. Blatchley's art classes travelled last week from Botanic Garden to National Veterans Art Museum. Art 1 traveled toured the garden, took photographs, drew the garden and also looked for insperation for up coming assignments. Art...

Mentor program assists international students

Jeff Xue

October 25, 2016

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International Student Club starts its second year of mentor programs to help exchange students with their second language learning. Each exchange student has to match up with their own mentor (a local student) accordingly....

Student Council improves school events

Michael Pasquale, '18, Staff Reporter

October 21, 2016

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Shared events with Trinity and Resurrection high schools is one of the many ideas Student Council adviser Mr. Weisenburger hopes to initiate this year. Mr. Weisenburger said, "School spirit is essential, and it has been down...

Spanish Club enjoys tamales, churros

Joshua Reider, '18, Staff reporter

October 11, 2016

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Spanish Club has begun its year with good food and new members. According to Mike Pasquale, '18, "The tamales and churros were very good." Ms. Koreloff, adviser, hopes more students will goin the club.  She said,"Joining...

Bass Fishing Club reels in new members

Isaac Dardon, '17, Staff Reporter

October 11, 2016

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A small group of seniors joined the Bass Fishing Club/Team to enjoy nature and get to know more about fish. For other people, they obtained their skills for fishing from past experiences. Coach Martin says, "It relates to my...

Academic Team deemed to greatness

Natha Deluna '18, Staff Reporter

October 10, 2016

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This year's Academic Team is " supposed to do well", according to Mr. Ebrom, adviser of the varsity team. "We have some very good sophomores who are now juniors moving up to varsity, " Mr. Ebrom said. The Academeic season...

Robotics Club claws for a win

Esteban Carrasquillo, '18, Staff Reporter

February 26, 2016

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The Robotics team has created a large robot to prepare for a big two-day tournament next month. Mr. Schnieder has been working with the team for six weeks, building two robots for the Stronghold competition. Anthony Scarpelli,...

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