Faculty Profile: Mr. Jon Clark


Charlie Morrissey ‘20, Features Editor

What made you decide to be a teacher?

I come from a family of teachers and I always knew that I wanted to teach since high school. My mom is a professor/ My aunts and uncles, and some of my family friends, are teachers too.

Why did you come to St. Pat’s?

I wanted to come here because I love Chicago and I love living downtown, and St. Pats has a great reputation and a great athletic program.

Which class is your favorite and why?

World History because I am a history buff/history nerd and I love to travel. I like teaching about places I have traveled or places I could travel to.

Are you involved in anything else at St. Pats outside of teaching? (coach, moderator, etc)

Freshman Soccer Coach and I like it so far. 

What is one thing that students would be surprised to learn about you?

I like golfing more than soccer.