Joker Kills Box Offices


Carlos Rodriguez ‘20, News Editor

With 93.5 Million dollars brought in its opening weekend, Todd Philipps character study of the legendary villain has topped charts all over the world. Millions stormed into theaters in early October to watch the movie and many were not disappointed.

With a 95% rating on rotten tomatoes, and a 98% audience rating; Joker pulls the opinions of people all over. Yet, the backlash has been very present. People all over saying the movie is too much for its generation. With thousands leaving theaters because the movie was too much to handle, theaters have already banned the movie from being shown.

Even with that, the love towards Mr. Phoenix’s Joker has been extraordinary. Comparisons coming in the millions towards Health Ledger, Phoenix has once again brought his audience to true disbelief as to how he played the role so well. 

With Joker being in theaters for 3 weeks now, the movie still has attracted crowds each weekend and is on pace to hit the billion dollar mark. With a 50 million dollar budget, Todd and Phoenix show just how amazing truth and realism can be.