Remembering 9/11


Nathan Emperado '20, School News Editor

18 years ago the United States was hit with the most devastating terrorist attack the country had ever seen. The country stood at a standstill not knowing whether we were safe or not. No one was expecting an attack of this magnitude to hit our country. To most it was just any other day at first not knowing they would be saying goodbye to so many of their loved ones for the last time. 9/11 still affects our country today and affects even people who weren’t around then.

Saint Patrick Director of Communications and Journalism teacher, Ms. Sloan, who lived in Hoboken, New Jersey at the time, had just finished graduate school and carried on that day like any other. Ms. Sloan recalls there were many heroes that day trying to help control the scene after the attack. A friend of Ms. Sloan’s was at the airport with her husband about to leave for their honeymoon. Her husband, who was a NYPD police officer, saw what had happened and told her “Sorry, but I have to go” and left to help with the search.

The events on 9/11 changed the country. People would hang ribbons to signify those who died and to show their support but there was also the sadness that followed. Ms. Sloan remembers the flyers hanging in Hoboken for all the missing people who were never found. This attack also brought people together in a way it has never been done before. New York has always been known for its busyness but after these attacks, people started to slow down and appreciate each other.

18 years ago the United States was hit with the most devastating terror attack the country has ever seen. Even though the country stood at a standstill it changed us as a country and brought us together. We recall first hand accounts from the eyes of a witness. The country will forever be changed by this event and we will never forget the change it brought.