Editorial: Should schools give JV teams more attention?

Nathan Emperado '20, Assistant Sports Editor

In the world of high school sports all of the focus is on a schools varsity team for every sport. Regardless of how good or bad that team may be, all eyes are on them. This is a sad case when, in some cases, junior varsity teams are so much better than the varsity. Junior varsity players are most often the future of the varsity team. Should more praise be shown to JV sports players?

The stars of a JV team can be a proud image for the school. Also, it the anticipation of them playing varsity can bring more fans and maybe even students to the school. As time goes by maybe schools can shed some more light on their JV teams and even players. It may not be popular now but who knows that can change in a few years?

What do you think? Should schools give JV teams more attention?