Remembering Kobe


Carlos Rodriguez '20 , News Editor/Features

Sunday, January 26th, 2020 the world watched in confusion as the words shone across television screens: “Kobe Bryant killed in a helicopter crash at 2:46 PM.” The tremors of the devastating news flew throughout the world; sadness was an understatement for the emotions basketball lovers felt that day and the days that followed.

Kobe Bryant was a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. His career began in 1996 and ended in 2016. Over the 20 year period Kobe was a very decorated member of the NBA with 2 gold medals, 5 NBA championships, 18 All-Star appearances and an MVP award.

But, for Kobe, it was more about his family than his career. After retiring he became a full-time dad, which he said was his best experience. With 4 girls, Kobe said being a “girl dad” was his greatest achievement yet.

Kobe was more than just basketball. With an Oscar award for his animated short, “Dear Basketball,” he shows that he was more than just a baller. Before his death he was working on several books that would soon be released to the public. He was said to always be busy, no matter what.

My memory of Kobe is simple – the Mamba Mentality. A man who didn’t take no for an answer. A torn Achilles or a dislocated finger couldn’t stop him. No matter what he endured, Kobe rose to the top. He taught me that no matter what, you fight. That no matter what, you work. And no matter what, you win. Kobe was such a beautiful soul. He inspired the kids of the world, including me.

The world still mourns the numbers 8 and 24, and he will forever be in the heart of basketball.