Interview with Kwame Achampong


Maximo Bunay , News Editor/Features

On National Signing Day, Wednesday, February 5, five Shamrocks committed to  pursue their academic and athletic careers at the collegiate level. The student-athletes and their families celebrated their college decisions at Division I, II and III schools. I got a chance to interview one Shamrock who had already committed to play Division I football at Georgetown University in December.

Here’s our exclusive interview with school-wide celebrity, Kwame Achampong:

Maximo: First of all, congratulations on your decision to continue doing football at Georgetown.

Kwame: Of course, thank you. I appreciate it.

M: How do you feel?

K: It feels great, I feel like a kid opening Christmas presents today.

M: About 4 years ago, when you started as a freshman did you ever see yourself here where you are now?

K: No way, I definitely did not. I had no clue what I was gonna do as a freshmen.

M: What made the college you chose stand out from the rest?

K: I chose Georgetown because I could see a community there like the one we have at St. Pat’s and I didn’t want to lose that brotherhood we had here.

M: Is there any advice you’d give to our juniors who are going to be dedicating themselves to a college next year too?

K: Yeah, take time to find the right one; learn how to ask good questions, ask questions because they [college admission counselors] know everything and they’re there to help you find where you want to go.

M: How have you grown as a person because of the past 4 years as a student-athlete?

K: Being part of the football team definitely made me more of a leader and that brings out a competitive drive in me and I think that drive is important for everyone in order to be successful in life.

M: Do you feel like there are any important people who influenced your growth and made your decision today possible?

K: Yes, Michael Strahan from the NFL influenced me because he’s just an energetic and loving guy.

M: Any additional comments?

K: I love St. Pat’s, best four years of my life!