New President Brings Hope for Change

Michael White '21, School News Editor

While interviewing the student body most shared similar viewpoints, having a positive attitude about the direction of our country. Many students talked about the pandemic, hoping that the new administration will help us return to normal. Other students talked about our new President, Joe Biden, and their expectations for him over the course of his first 100 years, and first term. 

In the days following the Election I wanted to see how our students felt about our newly sworn in President. “I’m excited to see where the country is heading,” said senior Sam Arispe. “People have now had a few days to react and begin to adjust to our new President and party. America has been a divided country over the past few months.” So much so, he added that “the election seemed like a contest for bragging rights, not the Presidency itself.” 

I agree with Sam. America has been a divided country for a long time. People have had problems putting their political parties aside for the betterment of our country. This does not mean we should give up though. With our new administration there is a new hope in America that we can overcome this pandemic and all of the other issues that surround our country on a day to day basis.

Change starts with us. If we do not do our jobs as citizens of the United States to respect and take care of ourselves, law enforcement, medical staff, and all other citizens, regardless of political view, we will not see change in America.