Paul Csongradi ’12 to Take on New Administrative Position


Jonas Dargis ‘22, Sports/Entertainment Editor

Just like many Saint Patrick students, Paul Csongradi ’12 grew up in one of the neighborhoods that make up the Northwest Side of Chicago. Csongradi, who went to Saint Pascal School, a parish that has produced many Shamrocks, has an older and a younger brother who also graduated from Saint Patrick.

The positive experiences Csongradi had as an active member of the Saint Patrick community while a student and after graduating has inspired him to take on an administrative role as the first Assistant Principal of Student Affairs & Activities. “I told myself I would be back at St. Pat’s,” Csongradi said. 

Csongradi, who is looking to make a big impact in his new role next year, will be very student focused covering non-academic activities and opportunities for current Shamrocks. He will be helping juniors and seniors, in particular, to develop their leadership skills and assisting the dean, Coach Guerra, with discipline.

One thing Csongradi always loved about Saint Patrick, both as a student and currently as a head sophomore football coach, was the welcoming atmosphere and positive student-teacher relationships. “All my friends and the teachers were some of the most profound people impacting my life, helping me get to where I am today,” Csongradi said in an interview. “I’m looking to prioritize that in my new position here next year.” 

Csongradi said one of the most profound things instilled in him during his time as a student at St. Pat’s was the importance of service. He talked about his favorite memory as a student being his involvement in the Walter Payton Toy Drive run by the football team. “Through that experience, as well as others, I learned the awesome power of helping those less fortunate,” he said. Csongradi wants to preach this value as well, saying that living a life of service helps you live a happy life.

Another thing Csongradi really enjoyed about his high school experience at Saint Patrick was the Stud Section environment and the general “Shamrock Pride” that radiated from his fellow classmates wherever they went. Not only is Csongradi looking to give the students reason to ‘radiate with pride,’ but he also hopes to bring some of the old atmosphere back. He feels it’s really important for everyone to help get the student body involved. “I want it to extend into everything we do as teachers, administrators and students.”

Csongradi is also looking to translate many values he has as a coach now into his position next year. “Just like on the field, every decision that I will make is for the best for my guys, even if it’s harder on me,” he said. If it’s going to help us positively or help us grow more, I will do that. I’m here for all students.” Csongradi explained. When he was a student, he was excited to come to school every day. “I want to make sure every kid coming here feels the same, and if they don’t they can always come to me and I’ll help them out.”

Csongradi is excited for the upcoming year, looking forward to meeting the students who don’t know him yet, and getting to work right away. “I can’t wait to get back in those halls and really make a difference here.”