The first two weeks of Shamrock Football


Timaris Brown '22, Sports Writer

The St. Pat’s football team took a five hour trip to Detroit to play in the Xenith Prep Kickoff Classic for their season opener. It would be a moment they’ll never forget. “The trip to Michigan was a fun experience. The drive was long but once we got there, it was really unique, ”said senior Wide Receiver Jack Doelger. The whole team took a bus to Detroit, Michigan, a real bonding Moment. Everyone was excited and hyped, being able to compete in one the biggest football tournaments in Week One of football. “I didn’t fully realize how big of an event the game was until we got there. I was a little nervous but felt ready. It was fun to be in that environment,” Doelger said.

Even though they lost to De La Salle 38-14, they were still glad to compete. When they came back from Detroit, the team practiced hard, getting ready for week two. Their practices last almost three hours, in full pads, just all out competing with each other. They just wanna go out there and get the job done this Saturday, not trying to lose in
back to back weeks.

“Practice was really intense, especially with a chip on our shoulder. We knew what we had to do and what mistakes needed to be fixed.”- Said Starting Quarterback Jermaine Young. This week is even more special because they’re playing for someone. They’re playing for a girl with pediatric cancer. These guys came out the gate rocking instantly.
They ended up winning their game against Glenbrook North, beating them 32-6. “It felt amazing to be honest. To the roar of the crowd back and it felt like freshman year but me on the field this time,” Young said.