Wrestling Preview


Gio Hernandez '23, Sports Writer

Wrestling is an individual sport, the support you receive is crazy. The Shamrocks have a very talented team led by captain Sean Conway ’22 and another leader in the room PJ Summers ’22. When I talked to PJ he said Team is looking strong, “we have great leaders in the room” and PJ said the team will have a great season this year”. 

The Shamrocks had four state qualifiers last year with two of them placing in the top 6 ( Conway, 2nd and Alex Goworowski, 6th). This Shamrock team is very special and the brotherhood on it is insane. The wrestling team now has been the same team for six years since middle school at 312. The wrestling team all know each other very well and the respect they have for each other is awesome. 

The team is filled with athleticism with Coach Bob Peters making everyone on the team do 50 snap downs while he says his famous line “ Jam em” in your ear the whole time. Coach Peters has his own gym and he trains many wrestlers on the team and others outside of St. Pats. Pj told me “ They train at Coach Bob’s gym three times a week. Shamrocks have pre-season coming up with about 3 months until their first matches of the season. 

Even though most wrestlers are all also on the football team everyone is getting prepared for the season. The football team lifting helps with strength and the wrestling workouts help contain a lot of conditioning. The team gets in tremendous shape preparing them for regionals, sectionals, and the biggest event of the season, the state tournament. This year The team had 11 sectional qualifiers the most the team has had ever. The team is so close to having their first state champion in over 15 years. Conway 22’ and Goworowski 22’ seem to be the favorites to bring the covenant prize to St. Pats. Good Luck on the season boys! Bring home some metals and show what Shamrock Pride is all about!