Basketball Preview


Jack Owens '22, Sports Editor

Shamrock basketball is gearing up for another season, even though the first tip-off is still months away. Before the Stud’s can pack the stands and cheer on their classmates up and down the court, I caught up with two players to get an inside look into the team’s preparations for the year. 

When asked about preparations for the upcoming season, senior All-State small forward and center Timaris Brown was enthusiastic to share just how much work he put in this summer. 

“You know, I was in the gym a lot this summer, more than last year. I worked on my right hand, because I’m left hand dominant. I just stayed in the gym.” 

I also had the opportunity to speak to fellow senior Bryant Handley. After a brief departure to Saint Joe’s, Bryant has returned to his home on Kurland Court. I asked him about how it felt to come back, and how the team has embraced his homecoming. 

“The adjustment has been a warm welcome. Everyone here has appreciated me coming back and welcomed me, I’m glad to be back.” 

I also asked both hoopers how they have been embracing their roles as not only seniors and star-players, but also leaders for the younger upcoming Shamrocks. 

Timaris seemed incredibly optimistic and excited to accept his role. 

“I think I’ve embraced the role really well, just following the role of my seniors last year and bringing in the underclassmen, teaching them the ways of Saint Patrick basketball,” said Brown very optimistically. “Very optimistic, I think we have a chance of going down state.” 

Bryant also seemed ready to lead and perform alongside Timaris.

“It feels great to be in that position, I think me and Timaris can lead this team to a state championship, but everyone else is doing their thing too. The younger guys are great.” 

Bryant also told us to watch out for AJ Thomas, remarking that his potential is as high as he wants to make it. 

The Shamrocks seem ready to play, and even more importantly, win, under the guiding hand of head coach Mike Bailey. Make sure to come catch the team taking the court this winter.