Freshman’s Survive the COVID Year

Timaris Brown '22, Sports Writer

COVID-19 was one of the worst things to happen to all of us. Everyone was affected. But I think the class of ‘23 were truly affected the most. Even though we had a hybrid schedule the whole school year, I don’t think it was enough. Freshmen wanted to be in school, as simple as that. And I know not being in school took a toll on them. “It was boring because it was my first year of high school and I wanted to experience that,” sophomore AJ Thomas said. Not being able to be in school had to feel weird, feel different. They couldn’t even meet their teachers, new classmates, and be with their friends. They couldn’t experience being a freshman.

The feeling of being at home had to be the worst. Being at school makes you uncomfortable, in a good way. It helps you focus more. While being at home, you are comfortable in your room not focusing on the school work. “You were responsible for doing everything on your own, joining classes at a certain time, and waking up on your own, Thomas Said. “You were also distracted by things around the house.” The adjustment had to be hard. The freshmen didn’t understand. Being at home, everyday, doing school. All in all Thomas said, “It was exhausting and boring.”