Life as a Shamrock


Jack Owens '22, Sports Editor

Most if not all students and alumni of Saint Patrick High School would agree that there is something special about being a Shamrock. Generations of students have experienced what it means to be a part of the Shamrock brotherhood and culture. From traditions carried down from class to class, to special events and sports games, I interviewed two Shamrocks about their favorite parts of student life, and what it means for them to be Shamrocks. 

Max Leavy ’22, shared his experiences and thoughts on student life. When asked what he enjoyed most about being a Shamrock, Leavy had much to say. 

“St. Pat’s has been a different experience for me than at my last school. I think being an all boys school makes everyone closer. I have good relationships with everyone here.”

When asked if he had a favorite tradition or school event, Leavy had his answer immediately.

“Definitely the student body at athletic events, and the homecoming pep rally is probably my favorite. The energy the students have is unmatched and the faculty make it fun too.”

His opinion was shared by Gio Hernandez ’23, who agreed that the “Stud Section” was an institution of Shamrock pride. I asked him what he thought set life as a Shamrock apart from other schools. 

“The environment is awesome. It’s an all boys school, so it’s just a different experience. You get close with a lot of people, and know almost everyone, teachers too.” 

Gio went on to explain how being a Shamrock has impacted his life outside of the classroom.

“I have met so many new friends that I regularly see outside of school. It’s also cool when someone in public sees me with a school hoodie or jacket on and tells me there are alumni. It’s cool to have that bond.” 

Both students agreed that life as a Shamrock is a unique experience, and has impacted them for the better. As we wrapped up our interview, Hernandez had one final thing to say.

“Oh yeah, and stuff like beef day. Little stuff that brings everyone together.”