Shamrock Football’s Historic Season


Jack Owens '22, Sports Editor

While the historic season may be over, the 2021 Shamrock Football team will go down as one of the best ever. The Shamrocks made it to the third round of the state playoffs, the deepest run in school history, before falling to #9 Sycamore. At the helm of the ship, head coach Adam Guerra led his players to an unprecedented season. I spoke with him to find out why this season was so great. 

Was there a specific moment this year you realized this team was going to be special?

That’s a good one actually. I would think the two come behind wins against Marian Catholic and Marian Central were good indicators of how resilient the team was, I wouldn’t say one moment, but being down two scores, two weeks in a row, and pulling out two wins was a big indicator of the amount of character we had. 

Speaking of character, how have you seen the senior class this year develop as men, and football players? What role did they play this year? 

We were excited for the senior class, but there are always good seniors who don’t really reach their potential, and this class was full of guys who did, and made themselves the best football players they could be. You get all those guys in a group together and they set a great example. The juniors are tough too. I think having that class ahead of them has made them even tougher.