Eric Wozny, Jr. goes viral

Kevin Collins '20, Sports Editor

Week 4 of the football season Friday September 20th in Mundelein, Illinois. The Shamrocks were down 31-26, 50 seconds left in the game, on the 20 yard line, 4th down and 3 yards to go.

Wide receivers’ Jack Ryle ‘21, Victor Matkowski ‘20, and Anthony (AJ) Fitzpatrick ‘20 all ran their assigned routes, but no one was open. Running back Eric Wozny, Jr. ‘20 ran a check down and hit the edge rusher in his path. Wozny was wide open as quarterback Aidan Larson ‘20 threw it to him. Wozny bobbled it but luckily caught it. He ran 20 yards and hit a defender at the five yard line and scored to put the Shamrocks up 32-31, ultimately winning them the game.

A video including the throw, the catch, the hit, and the touchdown was posted on Saint Patrick’s Instagram account. Next, it was posted by @overtimeszn on Instagram. Then, the video just snowballed from there as it was posted by several more Instagram handles with millions of followers each. As of October 15, the video has generated over 4 million views across Instagram.

“My game winning touchdown left me speechless and I realized I am never going to forget that game ever,” Wozny said. “It did not change me much because I still go out on the field, and I do the same the same things as I did in the video.”